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Imagine being able to collect and analyze data in one single platform

With Quick Launch you can make project assets more available, simplify communication and reduce work related health risks. Read more here and download our whitepaper to get additional insights.

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New ways to optimize assets to meet future challenges

When visiting a new place we often make sure to be familiar with the new environment in a virtual world before arrival. The same process is now enabled in daily operations for asset management. Imagine knowing where and what to do before arrival. This will make operations, processes, maintenance and asset management more efficient, contribute to sustainability and time saving actions with reduced risks.

Digital twins enables new opportunities to support your daily operations. By combining assets with new ways of presenting information, business value is boosted and the foundation for identifying more values are set.

Quick launch gives you:

  • Low cost

  • Low risk

  • Quick results

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Enabling new opportunities

Future business challenges demand new efficient solutions. Initial steps is to build knowledge about the existing business operations and system for further actions. Connectivity and data driven mapping of operations and processes is key when presenting facts for identifying future actions.


  • What is a Digital Twin?

    The digital twin is a technology that connects data and information with a virtual replica of a physical asset. The digital twin is generic and adjusts to different physical assets. Gathered and connected data from edge devices, control systems, artificially intelligence and documentation is visualized in one single platform.

    Digital twins and its scalability is large, from one asset to smaller properties all the way to big cities and global enterprises. Together as a cluster numerous of digital twins can be connected and enables a virtual ecosystem which supports your business.

  • Why should you use Digital Twin?

    The digital twin enables an efficient complement for daily operations in terms of remote service and simulation.

    With remote services, asset managers enables agile tools that leads to better decision making connected to sustainability, risk management and work environment connected in one collaboration platform.

    By enabling new and alternative tools for daily operations, traveling to assets can be reduced and risks minimized.

    Simulations by the virtual replica for predicting risks and analyzing possible outcomes enables cost efficient alternatives when looking in re- or new investments or processes.

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