Energy Management – Your key to sustainable business

The topic of sustainability and the search for cost effectiveness raises high expectations towards your business and your management of energy consumption.

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You are expected to maintain relevant competences and find the right solutions within the digitalized energy markets. With a wide range of energy consulting services, we can support your organization with the expertise you need to take control of the energy consumption within your business – and to reach your goals for sustainability and energy savings.

Energy reporting

Collection, validation and safe-keeping of energy data is essential to future proof any property stock. Rejlers handles data from more than 2 million meterpoints in power grids, district heating systems and building management systems. Your data, if handled correctly, is key to make the right decisions related to your energy systems – and your key for doing sustainable business.

80 years of experience

Almost 80 years as an expert in continuously changing energy markets has forced us to adapt and learn new ways to broaden our offer. By collecting and validating data from electricity meters, district heating systems or building management systems we give you the needed information to make the right decisions on your 
energy systems.

Complete Service Provider

Rejlers can lead your energy project and help you make decisions to meet the requirements of tomorrow. Our experts in technical Infrastructure, data-management and energy management helps our customers to feed the power grid with more than 8GWh of renewable energy each year.

With our experience of energy projects, we can optimize and fine tune existing energy systems, using your own building automation systems.

As a Complete Service Provider Rejlers can manage the complexity of your project, from start to finish. Offering energy audits and by mapping your business energy status, we can propose and implement the needed action proposals to reach your goals.

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Energy Partnership with Region Gotland

Rejlers offers an innovative business model called Energy Partnership that makes operations both more sustainable and profitable. Region Gotland is a municipality managing more than 220 properties, consisting of more than 500 buildings – with all their associated energy and maintenance costs.

Utilizing on the services delivered from Rejlers, Region Gotland has already reduced its energy costs by SEK 6 million annually. The Region aims to reduce costs overall by SEK 8 million per year. The reduced energy costs will be used for re-investment in the maintenance of the Region’s property portfolio.

With energy efficiency analysis, modernisation and smart maintenance, Rejlers has put in place a long-term solution that is producing remarkable results. Rejlers’ innovative business model guarantees energy efficiency as it is based on applying the savings from smarter energy use to investments/updates that, in turn, save even more money. The solution is characterised by a flexibility that enables the customer to switch focus areas quickly in order to adapt to urgent needs and priorities.

“The project feels fantastic – in no small part due to the wonderful collaboration we have had with Rejlers,” says Property Manager Björn Sandqvist from Region Gotland

Porsgrunn Municipality

Rejlers has provided the Porsgrunn Municipality in Norway with energy management advisory services since 2014. Porsgrunn is a city and municipality in Telemark and forms part of the traditional region of Grenland. The administrative centre of the municipality is the city of Porsgrunn. Porsgrunn is an important industrial centre and has a long history of heavy industry. Notable industries in Porsgrunn include: magnesium, silicon, nitrogen fertilisers, porcelain and solar power products.

The main task for Rejlers has been to perform energy certification and energy analysis of the various public buildings located within the municipality. Rejlers has been successful in ensuring energy savings of 2,300,000 kWh per year which has contributed to reducing costs as well as the environmental footprint of the municipality.

Asokodit improves energy management of 700 properties with Rejlers’ service

Rejlers produces comprehensive energy management services to Asokodit, including automatic data collection of approximately 3 500 measurements, data management as well as energy management systems to support the owner and other service producers. 

The agreement includes automated data collection and reporting from properties in 30 different localities. Data produced by consumption and costs as well as other property management systems form a comprehensive review of the situation.

“We wanted an easy-to-use tool for reporting that we can develop and modify when necessary. The project has progressed well,” says Teemu Jalomäki, Property Manager from Asokodit.

Easily accessible energy data improves decision-making

Rejlers’ level of expertise in measurement data management and new types of solutions convinced Asokodit. Automatically collected electricity, heat and water consumption data is reported with new types of analytics solutions, which make understanding the big picture easier.

“Our service suits well for handling large amounts of data. It is best seen in our comprehensive reporting service that allows our customers to make faster decisions based on data,” says Rejlers’ Product Manager Ari Kokkonen.

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